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MNPA offers several categories of membership, as follows:

A.   Full Membership - Members eligible for the following categories have full voting privileges and can serve as an elected member of the board of directors:

1.   Nurse Practitioner member - A registered nurse approved to practice as a nurse practitioner in the State of Maine - $125/year or $325 for 3 years (see details below)*

2.   Retired Nurse Practitioner member - A nurse practitioner who is retired from or otherwise not gainfully employed in the profession  - $40/year

3.  Nurse Practitioner Student member - A student currently enrolled and attending an approved nurse practitioner program - $50/year

4.  Nurse Practitioner Student Transitional Membership – A new nurse practitioner graduate, being licensed as NPs for the first time, may join the Maine Nurse Practitioner Association at a discounted rate for one year - $70/year

B.    Student Membership - Persons who are enrolled full time in an educational program leading to certification as a Nurse Practitioner are entitled to join as a Student Member for as many years as they are a full-time student.  Upon completion of NP training, a new NP graduate is entitled to join for one year at the NP Student Transitional Membership level with full membership benefits at a reduced fee (see A-4 above), after which they are entitled to join as a Nurse Practitioner Member.

C.    Other Membership categories - Members eligible for the following categories do no have voting privileges, and are not eligible to run for office or serve on committees.  

  1.  Associate Membership  - Any nurse who is not a nurse practitioner - $75/year
  2.  Supporting Membership -  Any other individual or entity who supports the association’s purposes and functions - $75/year
  3.  Affiliate Membership - A business or organization that supports nurse practitioners and the mission of the Maine Nurse Practitioner Association.  Affiliate Members may join at any of the following annual levels:
               Bronze - $250    Silver - $500    Gold - $1000    Platinum - $1500

* Discount for three-year membership - Nurse Practitioner members are entitled to a discount of $50 by joining or renewing their membership on line through our website for 3 years for $325.

Dues installment payments available - Nurse Practitioner members may now pay their dues in four (4) quarterly installments when paying by credit card. 

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Any way you choose to belong to MNPA helps our professional organization dedicated to supporting NPs in Maine in the following ways:

  • to remain an active participant in legislative and policy areas
  • provide top-notch continuing education opportunities
  • provide a full-time office and staff to answer or direct questions
  • a list serve to keep you updated on important issues
  • a quarterly MNPA newsletter
  • membership to national NP organizations
  • networking to assist NPs with practice questions
Welcome to MNPA and please let us know what you think of this snazzy online service!