Who is the Maine Nurse Practitioner Association?

2017-2019 MNPA Board of Directors

Anne Perry, President -  2017-2019

Evelyn Kieltyka, Immediate Past President -  2017-2019

Bethany Jarvis, President-Elect -  2017-2019

Terri Taylor, Secretary -  2017-2019

Sherryl Kempton, Treasurer -  2017-2019

Kate Chichester, Member-at-large -   2017-2019

Meneah Haworth, Public Relations and Membership Co-Chair -  2016-2018

Deborah Ann Hoch, Public Relations and Membership Co-Chair -  2017-2019

Amy Langley - Professional Development Co-Chair -  2016-2018

Bonnie Case, Professional Development Co-Chair -  2017-2019

Colin McCabe, Legislative Comm Co-Chair - 2017-2019

Connie Jordan, Legislative Comm Co-Chair -  2017-2019

Pamela Cahill, Executive Director - [email protected]


Maine Nurse Practitioner Association is the professional organization for nurse practitioners who constitute the largest group among Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs), and number about 1,850 in Maine.

Current standards require that, in order to become an NP, one must have an advanced graduate degree, along with clinical training in one or more specialty areas, with Board Certification as an adult, family, pediatric, geriatric, women's health or psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner. Frequently, Family (FNPs) or Adult Nurse Practitioners (ANPs) may also have specific areas of interest and expertise, such as diabetes education, chronic medical illness in underserved populations, and rural health care. These are only a few examples of the significant contribution that NPs make to the healthcare of the citizens of Maine.

Maine NPs earned the right to practice independent of physicians in the mid-1990s, following completion of at least 24 months of supervised work by a physician or another NP. More recently, they also won the right to be credentialed as participating providers, and won the opportunity to become primary care providers (PCPs) in managed care organizations (MCOs). The services of NPs (and Certified Nurse Midwives) must be billed to insurers using their own identification codes or numbers assigned by insurers, making it illegal to submit claims "incident to" a physician if the physician did not provide the service to the patient. This applies to all state-regulated insurers and MCOs.

NPs practice in a wide variety of clinical and other settings, including hospitals, private and public clinics and practices, educational institutions, correctional facilities, and more. Maine NPs can prescribe Schedule II, III, IV and V medications using their own DEA numbers.

MNPA conducts at least one major conference each year at which NPs are provided a wide array of continuing education opportunities.

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You may contact us in a variety of ways:

Maine Nurse Practitioner Association
11 Columbia St.
Augusta, ME 04330

Phone: (207) 621-0313

or by emailing: [email protected]