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Dear colleagues,

During a global pandemic, while NPs and physicians are working diligently each day to care for millions of American patients sickened, hospitalized — and in the worst cases — dying from COVID-19, the nurse practitioner (NP) profession has come under attack. The American Medical Association (AMA) and others have chosen to focus their energies on offensive campaigns and media pieces designed to alarm and misinform the public and policymakers — a strategy that is so out of touch with the facts and real challenges faced by our nation’s health care system.

The American Association of Nurse Practitioners® (AANP) has taken several steps, including writing an open letter to the AMA calling on them to cease these disingenuous attacks on the NP profession. Today, we are more than 114,000 members strong, and it will take all of us to defend the NP profession from these attacks.

The facts are simple, the quality of NP-delivered care is irrefutable, affirmed by more than 200 studies that attest to the outstanding outcomes NPs deliver. In fact, just this week, research published in JAMA affirms NPs’ contributions to expanding access to care where it’s needed most. While detractors may prefer to ignore the facts and science, as well as the needs of 80 million patients living in Health Provider Shortage Areas, NPs continue to deliver the care patients want and our nation needs in more than 1 billion patient visits each year. Today, 80% of adults report they’ve been treated or know someone who has been treated by an NP, and more than 56% of patients report that NPs spend more time listening to them and addressing their concerns than other providers.

At a time when NPs and physicians should be working together to expand access to care and to meet the needs of patients, these attacks are harmful to the health of our nation. I assure you that AANP will continue focusing its efforts on making care more available to patients, providing added choice and modernizing outdated laws that hinder effective and efficient health care delivery. We have no interest in playing gotcha games in the media; we’re committed to saving lives and building a health care system that works for patients and providers alike. In these most challenging times, NPs will continue to meet the needs of our patients.

Learn how you can help stop the spread of misinformation with AANP’s Facts-vs-Myths and redirect patients to accurate information about NPs and the profession at Please continue using the Report Now tool to keep AANP appraised of negative and inaccurate information about NPs.


President, The American Association of Nurse Practitioners

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