Preceptor Search

Welcome to MNPA's Preceptor search page. 

Here, you will be able to search for Nurse Practitioners available to serve as Preceptors.  You can search for them by entering a town or city where you would like to find a Preceptor.  Note that we do not have Preceptors in all of Maine's 491 municipalities, so you may have to enter a few towns or cities before you find someone who is available.  Once you do, you will see that their specialty is and in what type of clinical setting the work, as well as their contact information.  It is then up to you to make contact with a Nurse Practitioner who meets your search criteria and work out an arrangement that is mutually beneficial.

To begin your search, click here.

As a NP student, we strongly encourage you to join your professional association.  We offer NP students a discounted annual membership fee of only $50.  You may join online by clicking the following link:  Student Membership Application.

Good luck with your continuing education.