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Legislative Committee Notes:

Goals for the MNPA legislative committee for 2021-2022:


1. Promote more participation in the committee & representation of the membership by sending a listserve email to members to join after a brief description of what we do, little effort required, & how important it is by 11/15/21 (consider postcard to those without email) and post on social media & website. Promote joining the committee at annual meeting and at both MNPA annual conferences with announcements and signup sheets by registration.

 2. Encourage activity & attendance of committee meetings by Amie sending out a survey monkey for meeting times & welcome members who signed up at the conference & annual meeting, last year’s members, & those interested from the listserve by 11/30/21.  A couple of days before each meeting Pam or Amie we will send out a reminder /agenda/link & put meetings on website calendar/social media Probable meeting in 12/2021 to review bills.

3. Keep monthly meeting minutes including bills that we testify on so that we can use for a monthly board report and summarize for an annual report to the membership and post on website under legislative committee tab. This will also help with collaboration with the other board members for a united MNPA position for bills & transparencyA link for the list of bills will be on the website too updated when meeting minutes posted.

 4.Coordinate with AANP rep and PD committee to provide an educational opportunity about legislative issues & process & involvement at a conference or via the website or zoom.

 5.. Promote collaboration by contacting state and federal legislators to introduce MNPA to them by 1/31/22 via email or calls.

 6. Coordinate with the PR committee regarding opportunities to promote committee’s work.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen Forti-Gallant & Shelby Stiles