As the first Student Representative on the Board of the MNPA, I have worked hard to determine how best to integrate NP students across the State of Maine into our future professional organization. I co-hosted the MNPAs first student outbreak session at the annual Spring conference to gauge specific arenas that could be further developed to support the MNPA student members. I received great feedback and ideas on how to best involve NP students at the State level and it has been a great starting point to understand the dynamic relationship between the MNPA and its’ student members. 

It is my goal to create a network of MNPA student members and leaders in both online and Maine-based programs to foster open communication and collaboration between us all. Additionally, creating an online student forum will be another arena for students to connect with one another to share ideas, tips, and tricks for surviving clinicals, as well as providing students with other useful information to help us be successful students! 

Many of us face the same challenges throughout our NP programs, whether it be finding preceptors or trying to find that perfect work-life-school balance throughout our semesters. It is my role as the Student Representative to be our voice and advocate and share our ideas and concerns with the leaders of our future professional organization.

By Alexandra Pastore 

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